Hello Lucy, Chris, Sarah, Ben, Amy, Matilda, Arthur! We have really enjoyed visiting wild ruins together as a couple, and thought it would be ever so fitting to suggest a little adventure to an amazing 'wild ruin' near London. Maybe you could plan a trip together! If and when you manage to visit, please take a selfie for us <3 we love you xxx

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Maunsell Forts
Thames Estuary, CT5 1AB

Visiting one of the Maunsell Forts is a real adventure. You'll take a boat ride over the waters of the Thames Estuary past wild seals and seabirds before climbing into these decaying capsules of history. During the beginning of the Second World War Britain was losing its battle to keep the Thames Estuary open for vital supplies. The Germans had invented the limpet mine, a magnetic mine that would stick to the steel hull of any passing ship. Guy Maunsell came up with the answer, lining the Thames with a number of stationary forts to act as a first line of defence. After decommission in the 1950s some of the forts became pirate radio stations including Screaming Lord Sutch's pirate radio station Sutch Radio on one of the Shivering Sands Towers. The Rough Tower fort was bought by Paddy Roy Bates and became the disputed Principality of Sealand. 

Map co-ordinates: 51.4551, 1.1000

Excerpt from 'Wild Ruins' by Dave Hamilton