Hello Sophie, Robin, Kaspar, Marlo, Marin, Jo, Bran and Nye! We have really enjoyed visiting wild ruins together as a couple, and thought it would be ever so fitting to suggest a little adventure to an amazing wild ruin just outside of London. Maybe you could plan a trip together! If and when you manage to visit, please take a selfie for us <3 we love you xxx

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Lee Hall
Sopwell Nunnery, AL1 2BN

The ruins at Sopwell, just off Cottonmill Lane, are situated in an important nature reserve which provides a home to kingfishers, butterflies, slow worms and woodpeckers. To the south are walks along the River Ver and to the west it is possible to take in the ruins of the Roman Wall and remains of Gorhambury House and its 16th-century parkland and woodland (51.7561, -0.3928). Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century came at a cost to more than 10,000 monks, canons, friars and nuns. Some became priests or were pensioned off but others were simply evicted or faced execution for their opposition to the king. For the rising middle class it was a property bonanza, as vast areas of land complete with building materials could be bought cheaply. On one such piece of land, Sir Richard Lee seized the opportunity to build Lee Hall in the grounds of the existing 12th-century nunnery. He paid just £13 and six shillings for the land which in modern terms would be around £5,500. Today all that is left of his Tudor mansion is a romantic ruin, with part of the gatehouse and kitchen wing remaining.

Map co-ordinates: 51.7441, -0.3347

Excerpt from 'Wild Ruins' by Dave Hamilton