Hello Rebecca, Rose, Gayle, Lizzie, Pete, Ana, Rob, Amy and Rufus! We have really enjoyed visiting wild ruins together as a couple, and thought it would be ever so fitting to suggest a little adventure to an amazing wild ruin near you in London. Maybe you could plan a trip together! If and when you manage to visit, please take a selfie for us <3 we love you xxx

Kensal Green Cemetary
London, W10 4RA

Not far from Portobello Market and Ladbroke Grove, Kensal Green Cemetary has much to see, both above and below ground; including Dissenters' and Anglican chapels, both of which have catacombs underneath. At present, tours are only available under the Dissenters' Chapel every Sunday in the summer and every other Sunday in winter. See kensalgreen.co.uk for more details. One of the most intriguing of the dead at Kensal Green is Doctor James 'Miranda' Barry. It wasn't until Dr James died in 1865 that it came to light that he was in fact a she. Born Margaret Ann Bulkley, it was doubtful that as a female she would have had such an illustrious career, first being able to train in medicine (unavailable to women at that period) then becoming inspector-general in charge of military hospitals. Rumour has it that 'he' would fight duels with anyone who dared criticise his/her voice.

Map co-ordinates: 51.5286, -0.2241

Excerpt from 'Wild Ruins' by Dave Hamilton