Hello Tom B, Kate, Tom L, Robbie, Claire, Ellie and Rob! We have really enjoyed visiting wild ruins together as a couple, and thought it would be ever so fitting to suggest a little adventure to an amazing wild ruin in London. Maybe you could plan a trip together and take a picnic! If and when you manage to visit, please take a selfie for us <3 we love you xxx

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Abney Park
London, N16 0LH

The suburb of Stoke Newington with its hipster coffee shops. yummy mummies and Turkish delis seems an odd place for a ruin. Yet in this trendy corner of London lies the large, neglected ruin of a funerary chapel designed by the influential Victorian architect William Hosking. The chapel sits in the centre of Abney Park, a Victorian graveyard turned nature reserve. Hosking, the first professor of architecture at Kings College London, designed this huge Gothic monument to be non-denominational. This was revolutionary in 1840 and it may have been the first non-denominational chapel in Europe, if not the world. Abney is one of the Magnificent Seven garden cemetaries in London. It is fantastically overgrown, like something out of a horror film: moss and lichen cover the graves, and ivy-clad Victorian monuments lie in various states of disrepair. This urban oasis is an important conservation area and has become home to owls, sparrow hawks, woodpeckers and bats along with rare bees, bugs and butterflies. The site remains managed and open thanks to a team of volunteers (abneypark.org).

Map co-ordinates: 51.5649, -0.0781

Excerpt from 'Wild Ruins' by Dave Hamilton